merling_70x85   Rabbi Dovid Merling – Executive Director

As the very foundation of the Jewish Experience, Rabbi Dovid Merling assumes many essential roles that have shaped the Jewish Experience into a successful organization. He is our Executive Director, Spiritual Adviser, and a much-admired lecturer. He is also active in the greater Montreal Jewish community as a member of the Beit Din of the Vaad Ha’ir and the Chairman of Montreal Community Mikveh Rabbinic Committee. In addition to having been the Hillel Rabbi for a decade as well as principal of Yeshiva Gedolah Merkaz Hatorah Tiferes Mordechai High School for five years, Rabbi Merling is the spiritual leader of Agudas Yisroel of Montreal. His depth of knowledge, unique communication skills and vast experience as a Hillel Rabbi distinguish Rabbi Merling as a remarkable educator and expert in outreach. He sets the example for others to follow through his dedication to family, community and the Jewish way of life.


dov_harrouch_70x85   Rabbi Dov Harrouch – Program Director

Rabbi Dov Harrouch is a young, dynamic and entertaining individual. Intensely fascinated with Judaism, Rabbi Harrouch studied Torah in Israel for 10 years where he received his rabbinic ordination from the former chief Rabbi of Israel, Rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu. Today, Rabbi Harrouch is known and beloved in the community for his excellent work at Maimonides High School, CEGEPs and Universities in the Montreal area. He also has organized various trips throughout Israel and the United States.


michael_harrosch_70x85Rabbi Michael Harrosch-Program Director

Rabbi Michael Harrosch was born and raised in Montreal. After college, Michael studied Torah in Jerusalem where he was ordained by the former chief Rabbi of Israel Rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu. In addition to studying at Ner LeElef where he was certified for marriage counseling, Rabbi Michael also introduced Torah studies to many Israeli soldiers. Rabbi Michael is proud to have helped lead several Aish Jerusalem Fellowships, Pathways and GoSephardic trips, which mixes the adventure and fun of touring Israel with the inspiration and meaning of learning about Judaism. After ten years he has come back to Montreal with his wife and four children as our program director for campuses and young professionals.


41115_1484613248407_3554268_n   Sierra Cwinn- Administrator

Sierra Cwinn is currently pursuing a joint degree in creative writing and psychology. She is your first contact when you need information about classes, trips, donations etc. She is a graduate of Beth Rivkah. You will always find a smile on her face and the ability to solve your problems, answer your questions and put you in touch with the right contacts.